12th BWBL championship started

30th September 18 teams started 12th BWBL championship. In first round, which will be longer than normal, every team will play 2 or more games. All teams from Lithuania already had finished their first round games.
After 3 weekend days three teams became leaders of the competition. “Laisvë”, “Arvi” and “Olimpia” won two games. “Laisvë” won against “LKKA-Kaunas” 76:60 and 103:81 against Lithuanian junior team.
“Arvi” 102:43 beat newcomers “Lemminkainen” from Klaipëda and 103:62 “NIKA” NMMC.
“Olimpia” 74:61 won against Belarussian junior team and 77:69 against “Berezina”. One of last season leaders Belarussian junior team this year has many new younger players. It is the main reason of their two losses – 61:74 against “Olimpia” and 72:76 against “Berezina”.
Two losses after first round games have newcomers “Lemminkainen”. Team from Klaipëda lost against “Arvi” 43:102 and 64:89 against “NIKA” NMMC.
One loss has other new team – “Olimp-NAEK”. Team from Yugnoukrainsk lost 74:82 against Kiev “TIM-Scuf”.

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