After the Third round – two teams without losses

On Sunday (11.27) in Helsinki, Riga and Minsk the third Baltic Women’s Basketball League round was finished. After if there are only two teams without losses – “Laisvë” (Kaunas) and TIM-SCUF (Kiev).
On Sunday (11.27) first surprised loss had “Arvi” (Marijampolë) club. The team from Lithuania 74:86 lost against “Pantterit” (Helsinki) and now with seven victories and 1 loss takes second position in the league.
The first team is “Laisvë” (8 victories) and the third position takes TIM-SCUF (6 victories).
Unexpected losses got some more teams. On Saturday (11.26) “Lemminkainen” 86:74 won against TLU/AJ (Tallinn) and Belarussian Junior team reached surprised victory 71:67 against newcomers “Olimp-NAEK” (Yugnoukrainsk).
On Friday (11.25) there was a very dramatic game in Riga, between “Laisvë” and “RTU-Klondaika” teams had to play overtime. It was 1,1 seconds left till the fourth period, when “Laisvë” lost the ball and fouled Latvians. They scored first free throw (76:74) and missed another, but the player, who was throwing, overstepped free throws line and referees gave the ball to “Laisvë”.
After timeout Jolanta Marmienë passed the ball to Jovita Jutelytë, who scored two points and snatched an overtime with a buzzer. “Laisvë” was better over five more minutes and reached a dramatic victory 90:82.  
Throughout the third round all three games won “Laisvë” and TIM-SCUF. “LKKA-Kaunas”, “Arvi”, “Lemminkainen”, TTT/Riga, “Pantterit”, “Olimp-NAEK” and NIKA “NMMC” reached two and two victories.
All results of the third BWBL round you can find by clicking here.

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