BWBL champions will be crowned in Druskininkai, Lithuania

BWBL champions will be crowned in Druskininkai, Lithuania

Photo: Tomas Gaubys

The 2018 BWBL Final Four will be held on March 17-18 in Druskininkai. The largest Lithuanian spa resort will welcome the best BWBL teams for the sixth time in League’s 24-year history.

Defending champion Inventa, Kursk (RUS) will play against Olimpia, Grodno (BLR) in the first semi-final on Saturday. Belarus champion Tsmoki-Minsk will meet Lithuanian champion Sūduva, Marijampolė in the second semi-final. Match for third place and final will be held on Sunday.

Third place match and final will be broadcast live on Delfi TV.


Third place match


Inventa (9 wins/3 losses) became the winner of the regular season. Tsmoki-Minsk (7/5) took the second place, Sūduva (5/7) finished third and Olimpia (3/9) fourth.

Scoring leader and MVP of the season is Viktoryia Hasper (Tsmoki-Minsk, 19 ppg and 21.73 EFF). She also is best shot-blocker (1.09). Kai Afi James (Tsmoki-Minsk) is rebounds leader (8.67), Ala Murauskaya (Tsmoki-Minsk) leads in assists (3.9) and Yuliya Ruksha is steals leader (2.09).

Best performances of the season:

36 points – Nataliya Dashkevich (Olimpia, 2018 01 31)

20 rebounds – Elizaveta Shabanova (Inventa, 2017 12 26)

9 assists – Rachel Theriot (Tsmoki-Minsk, 2017 11 21

7 steals – Ala Murauskaya (Tsmoki-Minsk, 2017 12 13) and Nadzeya Nadzezhka (Olimpia, 2017 10 07)

36 efficiency points – Elizaveta Shabanova (Inventa, 2017 12 26)

Sūduva (19/5) took the second place in the regular season of the Lithuanian Championship (7 teams). Olimpia (26/2) is first and Tsmoki-Minsk (23/5) is second in the Belarusian league (7). Inventa (7/12) is eight in the Russian Championship (11) and can advance to the playoffs.

Lithuanian teams were crowned BWBL Champions 18 times, Belarusian teams won the title three times, Latvian and Russian teams have triumphed once. Olimpia won in 2013, Tsmoki-Minsk in 2015, Sūduva in 2016 and Inventa (former Dynamo-Farm) in 2017.

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