BWBL is heading for the XII season

Now that the XI Baltic Women’s Basketball League season is over everybody is looking for the next season. What will the XII BWBL season bring, what teams will participate in it, what will be the system of competition, will anyone defeat Lietuvos telekomas? These and other questions arise now.
Algimantas Ivasauskas, BWBL general secretary: “We have constantly growing interest in Baltic Women’s Basketball League’s tournament. The involvement in Women’s basketball is very high in Lithuania, where National team and Lietuvos telekomas 2004-2005 season’s results gave a huge boost to Women’s basketball overall.
Do not forget Latvia, whose national team will compete in Eurobasket Women 2005 in Turkey. TTT/Riga was very close to make BWBL finals and I am sure they will be tough opponents to anybody next year.
Ukraine and Finland national teams are yet to compete for the only spot in Eurobasket 2005 along with 8 other teams but the achievement of the League’s newcomers TIM SCUF already looks outstanding. Ukrainian side won regular season and finished third in the Final Four 2005 tournament. Eurobasket Women 2005 qualification games will surely give a lot of experience for the Ukrainian and Finnish players which will be acquired next season in BWBL”.
When asked about the possibilities of expanding BWBL Mr. A.Ivasauskas said: “There are many teams who want to participate in the competition. But it is hard to tell at the moment how many of them will play in BWBL 2005-2006 season. It seems that it will be clear in autumn. We consider possibilities of expanding the League and separating it into two divisions. But these plans are only in our minds so far. We will discuss the system of the future competition with the board of the BWBL alongside with the representatives of the clubs”.

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