BWBL Regular Season is Over

On Sunday in Baltic Women’s Basketball League have finished regular season of the 12th championship. In BWBL semifinals round will play Top 7 teams and Vilnius “Lietuvos telekomas” club – the winner of six past championships.
In BWBL semifinals round will play “Arvi” Marijampolë, “TIM-Scuf” Kiev, “Laisvë” Kaunas, “Olimpia” Grodno, TTT Riga, “Olimp-NAEK” Yugnoukrainsk, “LKKA-Kaunas” and “Lietuvos telekomas” Vilnius teams.
After the sixth BWBL round there were even four teams who had 9 victories and 7 losses, but to semifinals round participated only two teams: “Olimp-NAEK” and “LKKA-Kaunas”. Those two teams had better results in relative games. “Avantis/Turiba” and “Pantterit” had worse results and took the eighth and the ninth place in BWBL.
In Semifinals round group A will play “Lietuvos telekomas”, “Laisvë”, “LKKA-Kaunas” and “Olimpia”. In Semifinals round group B will compete “Arvi”, “TIM-Scuf”, TTT and “Olimp-NAEK” teams.
The best two teams of each group will play in BWBL Final 4 round.
Semifinals round will be held on 24th-26th of March, 2006. The cities, who will host Semifinals round group games will be clear on the 1st of March.

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