FCR Media-Rapla KK defeated Ukrainian champions

FCR Media-Rapla KK defeated Ukrainian champions

FCR Media-Rapla KK (EST) won at home against Interkhim, Odessa (UKR) 57-44 (15-16, 6-11, 13-12, 23-5) in Group B on Wednesday to celebrate their third victory. 


Interkhim led 27-21 at halftime, 39-34 after third quarter. Later Estonian team went on a 13-0 run to take the 47-39 lead with 4:07 to play. FCR Media-Rapla KK maintained their advantage till the end of the game. 


Visitors hit just 3-of-24 3-pointers (12.5 percent).


“The key definitely our defense. We didn’t shoot well at all (halftime 21-27), but our solid defense kept us in the game. That was a very good team that is extremely well coached,“ FCR Media-Rapla KK head coach Howard Frier said. “We unfortunately didn’t have any film of how they play before the game. But now we have an idea. We have to be ready to defend the 3 point line again tomorrow. Hopefully we find our shooting as well. But we expect to face a more aggressive team tomorrow.“


Players of the Game: Laina Mesila-Kaarmann (FCR Media-Rapla KK) and Natalia Kolotovska (Interkhim).


FCR Media-Rapla KK (3/2): Francisca Donders 17 points (8 rebounds, 6 assists, 22 EFF), Pirgit Puu 13 (9 rebounds, 4 assists, 24 EFF), Laina Mesila-Kaarmann 13 (7 rebounds), Darya Lipinskaya 6 (8 rebounds). 


Interkhim (1/4): Natalia Kolotovska 17 (10 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 turnovers), Kristina Karp 8 (13 rebounds), Yuliia Musienko 5 (6 rebounds, 4 assists). 

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