Final Four will be held in Druskininkai, Lithuania

Final Four will be held in Druskininkai, Lithuania

The 2017 BWBL Final Four will be held on April 29-30 in Druskininkai. The largest Lithuanian spa resort will welcome the best four teams of the BWBL Open Championship for the fifth time and for the first time since 2013.


Teams from Estonia, Poland, Russia and Lithuania will fight for the title. Estonian and Russian clubs will play in the Finals for the first time.


Energa, Torun (POL) will meet FCR Media-Rapla KK (EST) and defending champions Sūduva, Marijampolė (LTU) will play against Dynamo-Farm, Kursk (RUS) in the semi-finals.


The winners of the semi-finals will advance to the final, loosers will play for third place.


Lithuanian teams were crowned BWBL Champions 18 times, Belarusian teams won the title three times and Latvian team have triumphed once.


Last year Sūduva became BWBL champions after beating Tsmoki-Minsk (BLR) in the final.


BWBL Best Performances of the 2016-2017 season. 56 matches were played in the First and Second Stages.


43 EFF – Laura Svarytė (Sūduva, Marijampolė, 2016.12.11)/Nataliya Dashkevich (Olimpia, Grodno, 2017.01.26)

34 points – Miriam Uro-Nilie (Tim-Scuf, Kiev, 2016.12.10) 

19 rebounds – Kristina Karp (Interkhim, Odessa, 2016.11.19) 

14 assists – Natalia Kolotovska (Interkhim, Odessa, 2017.01.20) 

9 steals – Rachel Theriot (Tsmoki-Minsk, 2017.01.04) 

5 blocks – Yuliya Rytsikava (Horizont-RCOP, Minsk, 2017.01.11) 


11 free throws made – Volha Kapylova (Olimpia, Grodno, 2016.11.19)/Darya Zavidna (Tim-Scuf, Kiev, 2017.02.28)

12 2-pointers made (2x) – Laura Svarytė (Sūduva, Marijampolė, 2016.12.10/2016.12.11) 

7 3-pointers made – Natalia Kolotovska (Interkhim, Odessa, 2017.02.19) 


25 made free throws – Olimpia, Grodno (2016.11.19)

32 2-pointers made – Sūduva, Marijampolė (2016.12.10)/Energa, Torun (2017.01.17)

17 3-pointers made – Interkhim, Odessa (2017.02.19)

105 points – Energa, Torun (2017.01.26). 


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