III round of BWBL is on it’s way

“RTU-Klondaika”, “NIKA”, “Rigas Satiksme”, “TPU/AJ”, “TTT/Riga” and “Pantterit” will meet in Latvia’s capital. Belarusian and Lithuanian junior teams as well as “Olimpija”, “Berezina” and “Arvi” will play in Grodno. Kaunas will be the host for “Lasvë”, “Baltijskaja zvezda 2”, “LKKA-Kaunas” and “TIM SCUF”. Spectators are about to witness some really interesting games there.

K. Olmari – best rebounder after 2 rounds (avg. 14,25)Probably the most interesting games of the first game day will be played in Grodno (Belarus). In the first game both Belarusian and Lithuanian national junior teams will challenge each other. Belarusian players are surprise leaders of the championship, while Lithuanians had won just 1 game out of 3. Nevertheless, they should play on the high note because of the sweet victory over “LKKA-Kaunas” in their last game. Second game is between table neighbors “Arvi” and “Olimpija”. “Arvi” should have the favor to win this match, but “Olimpia” is playing at home in front of their spectators. Anything can happen in the game between these two, especially knowing the fact that “Arvi” was beaten by “Laisve” in the last round.

O. Krikunenko blocks avg. 3 shots per gameSecond game day will bring yet another challenge to vice champions “Arvi”. They will have to face Belarusian junior team. Both teams are expecting a win in this one.Do not forget the game in Riga where “RTU-Klondaika” will host “Pantterit”. These two have won 3 and lost 1 game so far and this match should decide the better of the two.
The venue of the III round should be the game between current leaders “Laisve” and up and coming “TIM SCUF”. Neither of these two has lost a single game yet. “Laisve” pulled out surprising win over “Arvi” in the last round. “TIM SCUF” showed its strength by defeating such teams like “TTT/Riga” and “RTU-Klondaika”. We will have to wait for the winner of this match, to find out who will be the leader of BWBL championship after III round.

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