Kibirkštis won the tournament in Druskininkai

Kibirkštis won the tournament in Druskininkai

Kibirkštis, Vilnius (LTU). Photo: Tomas Gaubys

Four teams from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania have participated in the 4th International Jūratė Daktaraitė and Angelė Rupšienė women‘s basketball tournament in Druskininkai, the largest Lithuanian spa resort. Third best Lithuanian team of the last season Kibirkštis, Vilnius became winners. They won two out of three games.

Angelė Rupšienė, Kristė Druskytė and Jūratė Daktaraitė. Photo: Tomas Gaubys

Second place went to Kazakh champions Astana Tigers, Nur-Sultan. They lost only to Kibirkštis 46-72. Politechnika, Gdansk (POL) and Liepaja/LSSS (LAT) took third and fourth place respectively. Winners of the tournament lost to Liepaja/LSSS 62-68 on the last day of competition.

Kibirkštis’ guard Gabrielė Šulskė was elected the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

„This pre-season tournament was very useful for Kibirkštis and other teams. There were very tough matches and some nice moments. The leading team in the game Astana Tigers – Politechnika has changed 16 times. The team coaches welcomed the opportunity to test their strength ahead of the upcoming season. I think the teams that participated in the tournament brought a lot of good impressions from Druskininkai”, – said Algimantas Ivašauskas, the main organizer of the tournament, Secretary General of the Baltic Women‘s Basketball League (BWBL).

Best players of the tournament:

MVP – Gabrielė Šulskė (Kibirkštis)

Daugilė Šarauskaitė (Kibirkštis)

Zalina Kurazova (Astana Tigers)

Presley Hudson (Politechnika)

Megan Rosenbohm (Liepaja/LSSS).

Best players of the tournament. Photo: Tomas Gaubys


I game: Liepaja/LSSS (LAT) – Politechnika, Gdansk (POL) 49:89 (15:30, 10:23, 7:22, 17:14).

Liepaja/LSSS: Megan Rosenbohm 16 points (4 steals), Ilze Gotfrida 13, Katrina Trankale 8;

Politechnika: Alice Nayo 21 (7 rebounds), Presley Hudson 15 (6 assists), Jenna Smith 13 (13 rebounds), Agata Ostrowska 12, Sylwia Bujniak 12 (6 rebounds).

II game: Kibirkštis, Vilnius (LTU) – Astana Tigers, Nur-Sultan (KAZ) 72:46 (19:12, 12:13, 19:10, 22:11).

Kibirkštis: Gabrielė Šulskė 20 points, Daugilė Šarauskaitė 18 (10 rebounds, 3 blocks), Justina Kraujūnaitė 8 (6 rebounds), Klaudija Serkevičiūtė 8;

Astana Tigers: Zalina Kurazova 13, Nadežda Kondrakova 8 (9 rebounds), Daria Koroleva 6.

III game: Astana Tigers, Nur-Sultan (KAZ) – Liepaja/LSSS (LAT) 75:55 (21:10, 19:12, 17:16, 18:17).

Astana Tigers: Tamara Yagodkina 21 points (7 rebounds), Zalina Kurazova 18 (5 rebounds), Nadezhda Kondrakova 11 (9 rebounds, 6 assists), Oxana Bagmet 7;

Liepaja/LSSS: Megan Rosenbohm 20, Rūta Veidere 11, Ilze Gotfrida 10 (5 rebounds).

IV game: Politechnika, Gdansk (POL) – Kibirkštis, Vilnius (LTU) 66:70 (18:16, 14:21, 15:14, 19:19).

Politechnika: Presley Hudson 20 points, Jenna Smith 14 (8 rebounds), Marianna Duszkiewicz 12, Agnieszka Harynska 8 (7 rebounds, 6 assists);

Kibirkštis: Gabrielė Šulskė 17, Daugilė Šarauskaitė 13 (11 rebounds), Kristė Druskytė 11 (9 rebounds), Justina Kraujūnaitė 10 (8 rebounds), Klaudija Serkevičiūtė 9, Livija Sakevičiūtė 8.

V game: Astana Tigers, Nur-Sultan (KAZ) – Politechnika, Gdansk (POL) 62:61 (20:19, 16:17, 15:13, 11:12).

Astana Tigers: Zalina Kurazova 16 points (5 rebounds), Daria Koroleva 15, Nadezhda Kondrakova 12 (8 rebounds), Anastassiya Alishauskaite 11;

Politechnika: Alice Nayo 15 (6 rebounds), Presley Hudson 14 (6 rebounds, 4 assists), Agata Ostrowska 10 (6 rebounds), Jenna Smith 9 (6 rebounds), Silwia Bujniak 6 (6 rebounds).

VI game: Liepaja/LSSS (LAT) – Kibirkštis, Vilnius (LTU) 68:62 (10:14, 12:22, 28:21, 18:5).

Liepaja/LSSS: Megan Rosenbohm 18 points (8 rebounds, 5 assists), Katrina Trankale 13, Rūta Veidere 13, Ilze Gotfrida 10 (8 rebounds), Lina Loceniece 7;

Kibirkštis: Justina Miknaitė 15, Justina Kraujūnaitė 12 (10 rebounds), Emilija Grigaliūnaitė 6, Eglė Zabotkaitė 6 (5 rebounds).

Standings (place, team, wins, losses):

1. Kibirkštis, Vilnius (LTU)                 2  1

2. Astana Tigers, Nur-Sultan (KAZ)  2             

3. Politechnika, Gdansk (POL)           1  2

4. Liepaja/LSSS (LAT)                         1  2.

Tournament organisers – Baltic Women‘s Basketball League (BWBL) – are seeking to promote women‘s basketball, to help young players to develop their skills and also to honour the famous women‘s basketball players – Jūratė Daktaraitė and Angelė Rupšienė (nee Jankūnaitė).

J. Daktaraitė became the first Lithuanian to win World Champion title in 1959. She won gold medals of the European Championships in 1960 and 1962. A. Rupšienė is two-time Olympic Champion (1976 and 1980), two-time World Champion (1971 and 1975) and three-time European Champion (1972,1976 and 1978).

First international J. Daktaraitė and A. Rupšienė women‘s basketball tournament was held in 2016 in Druskininkai. Eight teams from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania had participated in this tournament. Dynamo-1, Moscow (RUS) became the winners. One year later four teams from Belarus, Poland and Lithuania had competed in the second tournament in Druskininkai. Tsmoki-Minsk (BLR) took the first place. Tsmoki-Minsk defended the title last year in Palanga. Six teams had participated in the third tournament.

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