Round V: Three teams are fighting for the place Nr. 1

Three teams are about to battle for the place Nr. 1 of Baltic Women’s Basketball League. Laisve from Kaunas were the leaders after the last round. TIM SCUF from Kiev won their game yesterday against NIKA and demoted Lithuanians one place down. Belarusian junior team, who led the competition earlier this season, is also looking for the better placement.
Very tough games should be played in Riga. Tournament table’s neighbours Arvi, TTT/Riga and RTU-Klondaika will play each other to decide the better one. Youngsters from Lithuanian junior team and Rigas Satiksme are also there. These teams from the bottom of the table will meet each other on Friday in the game which will probably be their only winning opportunity in this round.
Laisve, LKKA-Kaunas and Nika will travel to Minsk to face Belarusian challenge. The real clashes will tip off on Friday as Laisve will take on Belarusian junior team and LKKA-Kaunas will battle Berezina. Do not forget Olimpia who will be the real threat to any of those teams.
It looks like the games in Helsinki will have clear favourites. TIM SCUF should not have any problems against TPU/AJ and Pantterit, while Baltijskaja zvezda 2 looks to be the clear outsider.

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