Semifinals promise some good action

BWBL semifinals will take placeĀ  this weekend. Eight teams divided into two groups will battle for four spots in league’s Finals.Lietuvos telekomas and Laisve had played each other already. Champions had no problems with team from Kaunas as they cruised to comfortable 106:71 win.
Lietuvos telekomas and Laisve play in group A. Other two teams in this group are Belarusian junior team and Pantterit. These four clubs will play in Vilnius (Lithuania).
There will be one game on the March 25 (Friday) when Belarusian junior team plays against Pantterit at 17 o’clock.
On the March 26 (Saturday) at 11 o’clock Pantterit will face Lietuvos telekomas, while at 13 o’clock Laisve will be up to tough challenge with Belarusian junior team.
On the March 27 (Sunday) at 11 o’clock Laisve will play against Pantterit. Probably the most interesting game of this group will be played at 13 o’clock when Lietuvos telekomas will play with Belarusian junior team.
TIM-SCUF, Arvi, Baltijskaja zvezda and TTT/Riga are playing in group B. The games of this group will be held in Sankt Petersburg (Russia).
B group games will start on Wednesday, when TIM-SCUF meets Arvi (17 o’clock) and Batijskaja zvezda meets TTT/Riga (19 o’clock).
On the March 24 (Thursday) at 16 o’clock TTT/Riga and TIM-SCUF will challenge each other and after that at 18 o’clock Arvi will play against Baltijskaja zvezda.
Two last games of group B will be played on the March 25 (Friday). At 11 o’clock Arvi will face TTT/Riga and at 13 o’clock Baltijskaja zvezda will meet TIM-SCUF.

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