Sūduva qualified for Final Four

Sūduva qualified for Final Four

Defending champions Sūduva, Marijampolė (LTU) won at home against Olimpia, Grodno (BLR) 81-67 (32-15, 19-12, 18-24, 12-16) on Wednesday to secure second place in the Group C and a spot in the Final Four. 


Sūduva led 32-15 after first quarter and increased their lead to 28 points (55-27) in the 22nd minute. Home team were ahead 69-51 after third quarter.


Players of the Game: Laura Svarytė (Sūduva) ir Nataliya Dashkevich (Olimpia).


Sūduva (3/2): Laura Svarytė 21 points (17 rebounds, 34 EFF), Arina Bilotserkivska 11 (5 assists), Lina Pikčiutė 10 (7 rebounds), Ieva Šimkutė 10 (6 turnovers), Rita Milieškienė 9.


Olimpia (1/4): Volha Kapylova 15 (9 rebounds), Sviatlana Kudrashova 12 (4-of-6 3 pointers), Aryna Masko 11 (6 rebounds), Nataliya Dashkevich 9, Alena Holubeva 8.


Final Four will be held on April 8-9, 2017. Sūduva is the second team after Group C winners Energa, Torun (POL, 5/1) to reach the Finals.

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