The Eleventh BWBL Championship Is On Its Way

BWBL was founded in 1994 on the initiative of Vidas Virbickas, a famous Lithuanian basketball coach of the past, and Prof. Kazimiera Prunskienë, who has been presiding over the League during all these years.
From the outset, the Olympic, World and European champion Uljana Semionova from Riga has been a Vice-president of the League. In 2003, Kari Rinta from Helsinki became a second Vice-president. Since 1997, Algimantas Ivaðauskas from Vilnius has been serving as General Secretary.
Prizewinning teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia and Finland are constant participants of the BWBL championships. Moldavian, Swedish and Norvegian representatives took part in several championships, too.
As yet, teams of three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus – had become BWBL champions. For each of the last four years, the Challenge Cup introduced by the President of the League had been won by a Lithuanian team – Lietuvos Telekomas.
Women’s basketball is becoming more and more popular among the countries of the Baltic Sea region, BWBL championships being one of the main driving-forces in this process. Holding a ten-year jubilee this season, they proved to have influenced the prowess of players and teams: the Lithuanian national team won the European Championship of 1997; the Russians followed suit in 2003; Belorussians, Latvians, Estonians and Finns successfully compete in the European championships for young women, junior women and cadettes.
BWBL championships enrich the Baltic Sea partnership in the field of sports and culture at large, meaningfully blend into regional integration, and create prerequisites for peace, stability and development in the Baltic region.
We anticipate a most interesting and spirited start and finish of the Tenth Anniversary Championship. Many thanks to all the sponsors of this and previous championships for their large-hearted support. The best of luck for the teams, coaches, referees, organizers and supporters!
Dear players! The BWBL Organizing Committee wishes you accurate shots and admirable game!

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