The Fourth Round – in Riga, Kaunas and Kiev

The fourth Baltic Women’s Basketball league (BWBL) round games will be played in three cities: Riga, Kaunas and Kiev on this weekend.
In Kaunas will play Lithuanian and Belarussian junior teams, “Laisvë”, “Berezina”, “LKKA-Kaunas” and “Olimpia”.
In Riga will compete “Avantis/Turiba”, “Audentes”, RTU-Klondaika, TLU/AJ, TTT and “Pantterit”.
In Kiev will play “Olimp-NAEK”, “NIKA” NMMC, “Tim Scuf” and “Lemminkainen”.
It is going to be tough games in the fourth round, because there are only two rounds left till the end of the regular season. Only seven teams will participate to playoffs, so struggle should be very hard.
The best scorer after three rounds is Rita Milieðkienë, from “Lemminkainen”. She scores 26 per game.
The second is Oksana Solonar from “Olimp-Naek” (23,86 points per game).
The best rebounder is Santa Dreimane from Avantis/Turiba. She grabs 12,29 rebounds per game.
The Second is Gintarë Petronytë from Lithuanian junior team (11,5 rebounds per game).

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