The Third Round is on the Way

On weekend the third Baltic Women’s Basketball league round started in three cities – Helsinki, Minsk and Riga. After the first day games there still are three teams without losses.
“Laisvë” and “Arvi” reached their sixth victories, but it was not very simple. “Laisve” only after overtime beat “RTU-Klondaika”. It was 1,1 second left till the end of fourth period and Latvians were ahead by 2 points (76:74). Within left time Jolanta Jutelytë from “Laisvë” club scored two points and Kaunas team reached overtime.
During extra period “Laisvë” was better, and won sixth victory 90:82.
The sixth win scored “Arvi”. It 88:78 beat TLU/AJ.  
The fifth victory reached TIM-Scuf team. It won 84:69 against “Berezina”. TTT 90:72 beat “LKKA-Kaunas”, “Olimp-Naek” 85:70 defeated “Olimpia”, “Avantis/Turiba” 80:71 won against Lithuanian Junior team, “Pantterit” 88:50 beat “Lemminkainen”.

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